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Abnormal Toxicity Test

Abnormal Toxicity TestsAll medicinal products are highly governed by pharmacopoeial regulations in terms of biological safety. One such required safety measure is the abnormal toxicity test, also known as the general safety test. This test is rarely performed and is used only for very specific types of products such as those containing biological substances.

The abnormal toxicity test is an in vivo method conducted as a form of batch quality control and used to detect any potential hazardous biological contamination prior to approval for direct administration in humans.

Our experienced toxicology department is able to perform abnormal toxicity safety tests for clients but also has the expertise to assist with initial project assessments to determine if testing is required and whether non animal alternatives may be a viable option.

At Wickham Laboratories, we are committed to reducing, refining and replacing testing in laboratory animals and have a dedicated in vitro team investigating viable alternative methods for these types of testing.

For more information regarding our commitment to laboratory animal welfare, please visit the following links.