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Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare pageWickham Laboratories, as a designated laboratory animal testing facility by the Home Office under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act of 1986, enforces and adheres to the principles that laboratory animals are only to be used where alternative methods for testing the product do not exist. Additionally, in line with the EU Cosmetics Directive, we do not perform any animal testing on cosmetic products or ingredients.

For tests that do require toxicology testing, ensuring the welfare of these laboratory animals is central to our ethics. Many systems are in place to ensure the daily routines of the animals are structured and regular in order to meet their environmental, dietary and enrichment needs. An independent Named Veterinary Surgeon (NVS) is available 24/7, making routine and unscheduled visits to conduct health checks, ensure correct running of the facility, and advise on the laboratory animals’ health and welfare.

Our toxicology department also has their own Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body (AWERB) comprised of the Establishment License Holder, the NVS, Named Animal Care and Welfare Officer (NACWO), a lay member, scientists and licence holders. This group regularly meets to discuss the welfare of the animals and ensure full implementation of the 3Rs.

At Wickham Laboratories, we are committed to reducing, refining and replacing testing in laboratory animals and have a dedicated in vitro team investigating viable alternative methods for these types of testing. For more information regarding our commitment to the ethical treatment of laboratory animals in research, please visit the following links.

Additional Resources

Below are a few links to organisations where you can find additional information on animal welfare: