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Consultancy Services

Consulting page

In addition to laboratory and testing services, Wickham Laboratories offers global support and consultancy services relevant to a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical device development and manufacturing concerns. Our experienced microbiologists can assist clients with clean room qualification, validation of water systems and other general microbiological issues encountered in manufacturing environments, including appropriate cleaning practices and identifying contamination sources.

Similarly, our breadth of experience across the field of toxicology allows our technicians and managers to advise clients on regulatory requirements and testing procedures as well as the capability to assist in developing new assays and techniques as required.  By its very nature, the regulatory environment is a complicated set of requirements and legislation which can be very difficult for clients to navigate when trying to determine what kinds of tests are needed for their product or device to enter the market.

Part of our service offering is to assist clients in this area and we have worked with many of them to determine the appropriate regulatory pathway for their situation, from simple one-off testing to long-term projects over the course of several years. We offer consulting support for both microbiology and toxicology projects and our business managers in both areas have regularly supported clients in understanding the full range of testing required for their regulatory submissions.

We are confident that our long standing global experience in the contract testing industry means that there is rarely a problem that has not previously been encountered by our senior technicians and business managers.