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MALDI-Biotyper® Microbial Identification Testing

MALDI pageThe Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation-Time Of Flight or MALDI-ToF equipment utilises mass spectrometry to identify bacteria and yeasts, among other organisms, to species level within minutes by producing a unique protein fingerprint (or spectra) for each microorganism that is correlated to those on record in a pre-populated database of microorganisms. Our proprietary database is being developed using our extensive in-house culture collection of laboratory, environmental and standard microorganisms.

By populating the already extensive MALDI-ToF database, we are able to provide our clients with a unique and reliable source for microbial identification.  This is particularly useful for routine environmental monitoring isolate identification, where more traditional techniques may struggle to produce an accurate identification.

The introduction of this rapid method in addition to our current API service will not only improve ID accuracy and compliance, but will also make rapid same day identification a possibility, and reduce requirements for repeat testing.

Our prices for identification are competitive and may include volume discounts. For any organism not matching those present in our database, we will also provide an identification free of any additional charges. Further details regarding this service can be found in our Terms & Conditions, which are available upon request.

Please download our application note on ‘MALDI-ToF as a Valid Alternative for Microbial Identification for more information on this service.

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