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Resource Centre

Please download the relevant resources below to find out more information about our services. Additionally, our latest news and social media can be accessed via the sidebar or our Latest News.

Brochures & Flyers

Wickham Laboratories Brochure Microbiology Test Wickham Laboratories
Company Brochure Pharmaceutical Testing
Biocompatibility Testing Wickham Laboratories Microbiology Testing Wickham Laboratories
Medical Device Testing Microbiology Testing
MALDI ToF Identification Wickham Laboratories Pyrogen Testing Wickham Laboratories
 MALDI-ToF Rapid Microbial Identification  Pyrogenicity Assessment
Monocyte Activation Test Wickham Laboratories Contract Testing Services Widckham Laboratories
 Monocyte Activation Test  Consultancy Services


Case Studies

Bacterial Endotoxin Testing Wickham Laboratories Monocyte Activation Test Wickham Laboratories
Big pharma heads to Wickham Laboratories (EPM; Louise   Rigden; August 2015) Case Study Re: Life Cycle of an Analytical Method – Monocyte Activation Test (June 2016)
Wickham- Bioburden Determination
Case Study on Testing the Bioburden of the New Polymer £5 Note



Sterility Testing Wickham Laboratories Maldi-ToF Identification Wickham Laboratories
Sterilisation: making a clean sweep (EPM; Karl Barker; April 2015) Rapid and Traditional Methods in the Contract Microbiology Laboratory (IPI; Dr. Lynne Murdoch; October 2015)
 Environmental Monitoring Wickham Laboratories Toxicology Testing Wickham Laboratories
Controlling Factors: Wickham Labs Talks Cleanrooms (EPM; Laura Bailey; April 2016)  Thinking Outside the Tox (The Medicine Maker; Sandy Mackay, June 2016)
Toxicology-In vitro Wickham Laboratories
 Pharmaceutical Method Development & Validation (Manufacturing Chemist; Dr Joanna Greenhough, July 2016) (reprinted in Cleanroom Technology, November 2016)


Technical Papers

MALDI-ToF Identification Wickham Laboratories Bioburden Testing Wickham Laboratories
MALDI-ToF Mass Spectrometry – A valid alternative for microbial identification (EPR; December 2015) Method Suitability in Microbiology: Understanding Complex cGMP Guidelines (EPR; Dr Lynne Murdoch; July 2016)
Bioquell BQ-50 generator Sterility Testing
Evaluating different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in an automated room disinfection system. (Letters in Applied Microbiology; Murdoch, L.E., Bailey, L., Banham, E., Watson, F., Adams, N.M.T. and Chewins, J.; 2016)



Maldi-ToF Identification Wickham Laboratories Method Validation Wickham Laboratories
Rapid Screening Techniques in Analysis for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries (Business Review Webinars; Dr. Lynne Murdoch –  WLL / David Riches – Butterworth Laboratories; October 1, 2015) [available on request] Best Practices in Validating Pharmaceutical Methods (Business Review Webinars; Dr Lynne Murdoch / Dr Joanna Greenhough; May 25, 2016)                                                                                                                                                         .
Microbial Limits Testing Wickham Laboratories
Risk, Regulations and Determining the Best Method for Your Product (Business Review Webinars; Laura Bailey / Letitia Chisenga: November 3, 2016)