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Toxicology Testing Services

Tox ImageWickham Laboratories has considerable expertise in toxicology testing. We work with the human and veterinary pharmaceutical and medical device industries, providing quality control of existing products, registration of new formulations, and research into new medicines and technologies.

We created a specialised laboratory animal facility specifically designed to meet our clients’ testing requirements and further enhance our already high standards of animal care. This unit was designed and constructed to be fully compliant with modern welfare standards, featuring spacious animal rooms, modern lighting controls, and state-of-the-art air handling allowing for fine control of temperature and humidity to cater to the needs of individual species.

For further information regarding our toxicology testing services, please follow the links below or download an overview via PDF, here.

The toxicology department also contains a division handling in vitro and research projects to investigate further non animal methods that we can implement as an alternative to our in vivo testing.

Please familiarise yourself with our approach to toxicology work by reading further about laboratory animal welfare at our company as well as our adherence to the principles of the 3Rs and the Concordat on Openness.